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Melbourne investigators, experienced private investigators network. Free quotes, phone 1300 966 103, email Use our online form Investigator. FREE QUOTES. DISCRETION ASSURED. There are investigator links to the left of the page. When you need licensed, experienced investigators or former police investigators, call us.

We are Melbourne investigators, we investigate for corporations, small business and the private person.
Our service covers the whole investigations spectrum; corporate investigations (fraud, bullying, sexual harassment, inappropriate behaviour, criminal behaviour, Due Diligence investigations, CV verification).
Workcover investigations for a large part of the workload of some investigators.
Civil Investigations (Court preparation, Workcover or similar investigations, Breach of Contract, Agreement, Franchise, Copyright, Trademark) conducted.
We conduct Surveillance and Factual Investigations. We investigate Fraud. We investigate suspicions and confirm facts for Relationship Investigations (Suspicions, Adultery, Infidelity). We conduct child custody and Family Law Investigations. We use our combined experience for Problem Solving. We are a Business Risk Management resource. We investigate Missing Persons including long lost relatives, and witnesses.
For more Melbourne private investigators information or the look at a Melbourne Private Investigator by suburb. We are experienced in the conduct of Surveillance in Melbourne. We are a private investigator network, in Melbourne, with PI links.

Private investigators do not spy, they gather private information for reward; private investigators establish facts, gather intelligence or alternatively, prove or disprove a theory. When you need a Melbourne private investigator contact us for a free quote.