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Melbourne surveillance investigations by private investigators, email, phone 1300 966 103, 24/7 inquiry form Investigators. Free Quotes. Our Discretion is Assured. There are links to private investigators areas to the left of the page. When you need ex-police and experienced licensed private investigators, private detectives for surveillance.

As Melbourne has grown the difficulty associated with the provision of surveillance investigations has also grown; our service has evolved with this.
Due to the almost gridlock nature of many roads during peak periods, the gradually movement towards public transport, and the awareness of some subject, especially those affected by drugs or paranoia concerns, we have begun to use more 'two up' surveillance. This is also necessary when dealing with the transition between public transport and private vehicle or change overs at busy locations.
Depending on the information we have in relation to the investigation this may mean two operatives in a single vehicle (so one can alight and operate on foot whilst the other finds a park), or two operatives in a vehicle each. Red light and speed detection devices, multi-lane roads, one way streets and restricted parking add to the challenge of provide the best service possible to our clients. We understand that surveillance comes down to a balance between cost, the budget, and the objective. We work to fit in with this. We have adapted, as far as possible, to address these new restrictions on our operations. 

When you need Melbourne private investigators contact us for a free quote.